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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

♥ On Travel

Oh it's been awhile. I still need to write up my China adventure, so that will come eventually. Today I just wanted to muse about the difficulties of attempting to travel, haha. A long long time ago I decided I wanted to go to Thailand. Plans were being made, and then suddenly they weren't, and as such I scrambled to find tickets when, much to my dismay (but overall not my surprise) I was struck with the realization I had waited too long and prices to Thailand were too much. Damn. I tried another way to get there, nada. A few botched ideas and general dropping out of the travel buddy kind, I found myself without plans for spring break and in a state of general annoyance and discontent.

Well, fail.

Having learned my lesson, I've started researching prices to Vietnam for Golden Week, and have found a good deal, just waiting on confirmation from a travel buddy (and she contacted me about it first so therefore I have no worries) before buying those tickets and feeling rest assured I will actually be going somewhere.

However, this did not solve the problem of spring break. I wondered if I should just go to Tokyo, as I haven't properly seen the place, but then I realized that was silly and I could go to Tokyo whenever I wanted. Then I remembered something called the 青春18きっぷ or, basically, the 18-year-old rail pass unlimited thing. After some researched I found it's on sale and is valid for the time of spring break. Fabulous. I've wanted to get to Miyajima aka Itsukushima Shrine for awhile now, and this would allow me to do that for cheaper than a regular ticket, as well as allow me to see some sights along the way (Hiroshima, Himeji, etc etc). Most of you probably know I love photography, so I'm taking the chance to do a photo essay of street photography (my favorite) as I ride the local trails for three-to-four days, discovering more of Japan, and a lot more about myself.

Sure, it may suck a little that I'm not going abroad as I intended, but this way I can save a little bit of nenkyuu and find myself able to hit up Thailand sometime in the near future. It'll work out, and who knows, maybe it'll be the best trip ever.

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