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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

♥ Epic fail at the updatingness

Holy crap I'm horrible. This has taken forever, and I have no excuse other than I'm a lazy bum. Errrgh, instead of flooding you with needless information I'll try and make this a concise and entertaining summary of the past two weeks.

-- Mikkabi Camp --

I got the chance to run around with 9-year-olds for two days for some extra cash and a free night's stay at a gorgeous ryokan. Not a bad deal at all. I was already insanely excited for this, so I'm glad it was so well. I had four girls in my group, all of which were very shy. I don't know Japanese so it was really hard communicating with them, even though they did know a little English. However, after dinner on the first night it was this GIANT game of tag... there were 120ish kids and 32 ALTs and it was mayhem, haha, but that's when they really broke out of their shell and I wounded up with one of them on my lap and the other hugging my arm like crazy. It was rather sweet and I quickly became attached to them. It was a Halloween Camp so we carved pumpkins, went trick-or-treating, all that jazz... and then randomly had a turkey dinner. Nice.

The ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) was just so gorgeous, and it was a massive sleepover, haha. There were 18 of us in one long long tatami room and it was just so cool. I loved it, I had a blast. I really love little kids, their energy and curiosity is just so great. I wish I had gotten to teach them, not that I don't love my kids, I do, but little ones are just... oh I love it, so so much.

-- Halloween Week --

I dressed up as Captain Hook for my classes for the week leading up to Halloween. It was probably the most hysterical thing ever. Teachers I never talk to were laughing and cheering me on, and the students were just priceless. Most screamed or jumped or went "SUGOOOOOIIIII" aka "cool". A lot of just shocked looks. It was amazing. The ALTs before me have been from Australia, so they don't do Halloween like Americans do (after all it is a holiday that involves copious amounts of food), so it was their first time seeing someone dressed up, especially as elaborately as I did.

I was even plugged in the prefecture newsletter for it... amusing to say the least.

I just got a text message...

Oh. ok.


So yeah, that was amusing. I gave away a lot of candy... but those damn kids, decided they'd be all cool and shove a bunch of red hots and atomic fireballs in their mouths.

Yeah, they ran out of the class screaming.


Anywho, we did a funny mummy wrap game, some pictures you can see of here . It was incredibly amusing, but maybe not as much as the sheets I asked them to fill out about what they learned about Halloween. Here are some gems...

"Children wears special costum in Halloween. They are very happy I think their happiness will shine in Halloween."

"I became Ms. Kris fun. Ms. Kris is very interesting. I want to talk wit Ms. Kris someday."

"I want Japanese to celebrate Halloween more splendidly."

"We have to give children. It is not in Japan. Game is exciting. Do you like Japanese food? Do you like soccer? I like soccer!"

"Do you know what jack-o-lantern is made of pumpkin? Please give me cakes"

Oh Japan and your failed compulsory English education. I shouldn't be so hard on them, those kids know more English then anyone in America knows another language.

-- Tokyo --

I went to Tokyo for Halloween weekend, and boy was that an experience. First off, on Halloween I went with a bunch of other ALTs to a rugby game (Bledisloe Cup between Australia and New Zealand). It's a big deal. I have never seen a rugby game before, but this definitely won't be my last. There is something quite enchanting about buff men in short shorts grabbing and throwing each other around like rag dolls.

Not to mention it was probably my only chance to see the haka, a traditional maori dance (the indigenous people of New Zealand). It's intense man.

But yeah, the All Blacks of New Zealand won (yaaay!) and it was a crazy ass time. Now, since most of us had been traveling, we were dead tired ,but we went out anyways to this delicious thai place. Haha, I was part of a group that ordered a set and everyone else was done with their meal but we kept getting food... it was so good though. I got their card, I am so going back if I can find it. Shibuya I believe. We went out and got Krispy Kreme (why the hell not?!) and got a drink at this tiny bar playing the Devil Wears Prada before heading in just as most people were going out. It was the calmest Halloween I've ever had (especially considering a lot of gaijins were running around climbing light poles and humping traffic cones), but that's all good.

Wanna know why?


Tokyo Disney Sea as a matter of fact, and man it was fucking crazy awesome. I haven't been since I was 9 so it was like experiencing it all over again. I don't care how dorky I sound writing so excitedly about this, it was awesome. Fuck yeah. I screamed, I laughed, I cried (from the screaming and laughing) and had an impromptu dance party complete with glowsticks in the line for Journey to the Center of the Earth. We entertained the Japanese. We should have charged. We all had out iPod touches and iPhones out with music and strobe lights. It was insanely epic. Should make that a routine thing.

Tokyo is awesome. I love it. I may like it better than Kyoto, but I need to experience them both more. We shall see.

-- And now... --

My lights keep flickering because I plugged in my electric heater. Its getting chilly and there is no insulation in Japanese housing, so it may very well be colder inside than it is outside.

So I'm sitting here typing up my novel for NaNoWriMo (http://www.nanowrimo.org/) and drinking some tea. I'm off to Shizuoka City tomorrow for a meeting about the prefecture's newspaper, that'll be fun, and then off to Shimada to meet with my old people conversation class. Friday is a NaNo writing party and Saturday I have to teach some sort of lesson for JHS... I only teach 30minutes but get all of Monday off. Sweet.

Oh, btw, going to China. Whoot.

And a spider fell on me this morning. Not whoot.

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