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Thursday, October 8, 2009

♥ Typhoon #18

That is the official Japanese name of Super Typhoon Melor that decided to smack into Japan last night. Shizuoka generally escaped unscathed. We're extremely windy even now, and a tree was done on my street, but we don't have the horrendous flooding others parts of Japan have.

I've come to the conclusion that the stupid earthquake has cause a knee-jerk reaction of immobilizing fear whenever I hear the doors rattling of my apartment. It is the worst sound possible and it just makes me feel like such a child. I actually curled up in my ploosh and just kept asking for it to stop. I hate that sound. When I finally went upstairs around one in the morning, since the wind was really starting to pick up, as well as the rain, it only got louder. I did manage to sleep for around an hour or two before waking up to see my curtains blowing, except my doors weren't open. The wind was so strong it was pushing the glass and shoji doors and causing the curtains to blow. Weirdest thing ever. By 5am I couldn't take it anymore and was legitimately scared the doors were going to shatter, so I went into the spare room upstairs and slept on the floor. The way the wind was blowing, the windows there weren't in danger of breaking. I slept until 7:15 when my mum called me to see what was up. Checking the TV I realized Shiz was actually rather lucky. We got some rain, but other parts of Japan are flooding like crazy, rivers in the streets.

I've been through hurricanes before, but I was in elementary and middle school, so I had mom, candles at the ready, and I never really had to worry. I just hate the fact Japan has no damn insulation in their houses, so everything shakes, rattles, and rolls. Aagh. Well, the fact is, to my knowledge, everyone is fine. Yes, its still windy and I'm eying the tree that is being flung about outside my school staff room's window wearily. Morning classes are canceled (subsequently the only ones I had for today) so I have a free day to do fuck all.

I am going to take a nap on my desk.

9:01 AM

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