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Thursday, October 1, 2009

♥ Let Me X-Ray Your Face... wait what?

I spent nine days roaming around Kyoto, Nara, and Shikoku... and while I will regale you with those tales of mischief, murder, and matcha at a later date, allow me to update you on my recent battle with the plague.

No sooner had I arrived on Shikoku to visit the darling and ever lovely Chen did I come down with a rare cough of doom and despair that left me unable to breath or function properly (I have come to the conclusion I become incessantly stupid when I get sick). I nearly lost my voice a few times and with the beauty of benadryl was able to normally function most of the time. That was until the last day when, getting up at the ungodly hour or 6, I attempted to refuel my body with the fascinating drugs when they decided to spill out of my body in an unpleasant way. Not only did I lose their magic power, but I deprived poor Crescenda of her last bits.

Worst. Guest. Ever.

We both decided, along with the ever correct health opinion of Mummy, that I should sleep a bit more and I eventually made my way back home later that day. 5.5 hours on a shinkansen is far too long.

I started to feel a bit better until Tuesday when, what I believe to be, allergies were just getting too much. So I wrote down my symptoms in Japanese and went to Smiley-sensei to ask if they were correct. However, before I could proceed any further, we shuffled off tot he health room and I had a doctors appointment later that day. My original intention in showing him was for me to leave early and go tot he drug store, but its funny how these things turn out. So around 2:30 we wound up at the clinic and i had my first experience with the Japanese Socialized Health Care system. It's quite efficient really. Originally we were supposed to get a time to come back, but they said to just wait a bit and only like 10 minutes later I was in the next room, and five minutes later I saw the doctor.

Opponents of socialized health care take THAT.

Smiley-sensei was my interpreter and explained everything I explained to him. The doctor was... interesting. Did the normal look down my throat thing (Interesting Fact: As in American we say "aaaahhh" when opening our mouths for the doctor, in Japan they say "eeeeehhhh"... it amused me), but then he put this tube up my nose and sprayed it with air and then stuck a stick up it. I swear I was about to me mummified. He hands it to the nurse and we never see it again, and then proceeds to tell me that he wants to x-ray my face. After I got over the shock of this and my confusion, I figured it was to see if I had a sinus infection. However, I've never had my face x-rayed before, so the poor nurse was having trouble trying to tell me what to do. Eventually I sort of balanced my head on this plate thing and looked up and it was done. We went into the second waiting room for all of like 3 minutes and then came back. He said I didn't have an infection but was putting me on five drugs. Apparently from the x-ray and what I said he deduced i had a cold and hay fever and they were mixing.

Anywho, woke up today feeling like hell so I called out and around lunch time Bakery-sensei called me and asked how I was doing and if she could get me anything. She's so sweet and if I had to pinpoint anyone, I'd say she's most likely the "mom" figure. I said I was fine and was very sorry about not being able to come in, but she said it was alright and for me to sleep a lot and she'd call again in the evening. I spend most of the day cleaning and making chicken noodle soup... which is rather bland, but oh well. Drank a lot of tea and around 6ish she calls again saying she is leaving school (just! gah, they work too hard) and if I needed anything. Since she was asking I asked if she could bring me orange juice and around a half hour later she arrives with an entire bag filled with orange juice, yogurt, and pudding for me, as well as Blueberry-sensei. They ask after me and tell me to drink a lot of tea, water, and to sleep a lot, and its okay if I don't come in tomorrow. Bakery-sensei said I looked better than she would have thought, though they were wary of my temp hitting 99.5 dun dun duunnn. Not quite a fever, but close.

It was just so sweet of them. Teachers here are so selfless and so dedicated. Even the vice-principal who I have to tell if I can or cannot come in gets so worried, and i know a lot of it is just the way Japanese react to sickness, but it makes me feel more comforted that they do worry about one another, and I'm included in that group.

I want to know where she got this orange juice from though, it's freaking delicious.

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