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Friday, October 16, 2009

♥ Hmmm

There's about a million things I could write here about. Like how I spent four hours butt naked in front of of a bunch of strangers, or how I participated in a nine-person slumber party, or how I was called cute by two Japanese men who tried to guess my age at a bar... well that summarizes the past few days anywho. I've done nothing at school. I've planned, printed, and potty mouthed my way through the week, and I am VERY glad its the weekend. I just had a delicious little melon cake thing and signed up for one of the things I have been insanely excited about: The Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido!


I'm so stoked. There's no snow in Shizuoka, and I've always wanted to see a fuckton of snow. I've been in blizzards, but like 3 feet max, this will be crazy... and there will be snow and sledding and it's going ot be amazing! Hell if it costs $600, I don't care, I'm so excited. :)!!!

Speaking of trips, for Halloween I'm going to Tokyo first to see the rugby game between Australia and New Zealand, Halloween hijinks, and then to Disney Sea! eeeee! The weekend before that, aka next weekend, I'm volunteering at a Halloween and Thanksgiving camp for little kids and get paid $100 to do it, sweet. Despite the fact I'm descending into stage two culture shock of doom, I am excited about future prospects... just not the dwindling amount of my wallet. The 21st couldn't come soon enough for sure.

Ugh, too much cake.

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