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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

♥ Revelations and むし

It's really funny how you realize things when you come to another country that you shouldn't really realize in that specific country. Allow me to explain. Since coming to Japan I've realized I want to actually learn more French and German, but also that I want to learn Hungarian. French and German will at least benefit me in grad school and so on, but Hungarian? No, not really... but its a cool language and I want to learn it. So there. I should really be all gung-ho about Japanese and all, since I'm sorta here, but I'm just not. It's a cool language and all, and I'm picking things up, and when CLAIR sends out our language course I will do it... it's just sorts like, meh. Europe is my home and I definitely know that now. I like Japan, don't get me wrong, at times I love it, but nothing can really make me lost for breath like Europe and England can.

And now on a totally unrelated note...

I stayed home yesterday because I had accumulated 13... 13!!! bug bites, including a spider bite. Something in the venom or the bites (or the fact there were so many at once!) conflicted with my body and I was just miserable. So I called in (all in Japanese, whut whuuuut) and took nenkyuu and spent the day in front of the computer listening to music, reading, and relaxing... and drinking a lot of tea. I got some steroid cream for them and on my third day using it the bites are starting to go down. Hastened by my mother I relocated upstairs to my actual bedroom and got off the floor, this way its harder for bugs to get at me. It seemed to work. I have no new bites and I feel better today, though probably dehydrated. I reorganized a bit and now I want to redecorate some, or at least give the apartment a cohesive feel. I need to do laundry too. Provided I'm up to it, I'm SO biking down to the new found JUSCO (Wal-mart?) in Yaizu and seeing if I can pick some things out. I need to be careful though, Kyoto is coming up and if I want to stay in budget I must be conscientious of my money. I may be living off rice in October. That's cool. I can live off rice if my house is pretty :)!

But yes, today has be odd. A person from Kencho (BOE) came down and observed my supervisor's class. he invited me to watch and I sat in the back. It was funny, because as I was approaching the kids started to get excited, surprise lesson from Kristina whuuuut... no... I disappointed them, but a few smiled and a boy from another class said hello to me "Kris! Hello!" So cute. Why are they so cute? I feel like a perv. But yeah, I watched his lesson and now I've been invited to the English teacher's meeting and been asked to give comments... and then I can leave, since it'll all be in Japanese haha. Smiley-sensei said it was okay if I left, or I could stay, but he was worried I'd be tired afterwards because I'd be trying to understand the Japanese. Wish I could bring my iPod. I probably will stay for the whole thing, if only to prove I'm willing to sit there and not understand, being invited was pretty sweet in the first place.

As I was heading back another student said hello to me and then all the sudden a lot more were. So cool. Some random 3rd year boy did too. Yayz. I'm becoming more of a regular face, so that's awesome. I'm ahead on my lesson planning and want to start planning for Halloween lessons, though I need to figure out a way to get a fuckton of American candy here without it costing me my life. Hmmm ebay?

Oh yeah, I turned on my air conditioner briefly this morning and a giant spider fell out. I think I know how they're getting inside.

Time to go Rambo on the air conditioner eh?

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