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Thursday, September 3, 2009

♥ The Kokeshi Chronicles

After Mt. Fuji I bought a "creative" kokeshi doll (description). I liked it because it was both cute and creepy, and I wanted to get myself a nice souvenir. I always get myself something at important or major places I've been. I find nothing wrong in treating myself a little bit, and it was only like $15. However I may now be regretting this decision... you see... I think my kokeshi is evil.

Yes. I believe my kokeshi doll is possessed.

Mostly jokingly, but weird things have been happening, and while this can be attributed to my own stupidity and general spacey-ness, I am more inclined to blame the kokeshi.

For instance. I come home from school on Monday and find my door (while not unlocked) turned as if someone was trying to get in. I walk in, no issue, whatev. I go to my living room and find my kokeshi doll is not where I left it but rather around a foot to the right. I literally stared at it for a minute and tried to remember if i moved it. After no recollection I came to the conclusion that the doll was alive and I really needed to not piss it off. So I moved it back adn carefully stepped away.

Since then I have blamed many things on the kokeshi.

My scissors went missing. Kokeshi.

I couldn't find my mascara this morning, so I went out to the doll, glared at it, and went back int he bathroom to find it in plain site. Clearly it was the kokeshi.

Weird noise in the night. Kokeshi.

Weird dreams. Kokeshi.

This morning the kokeshi was on its side. I think its getting ready to attack. I'm onto you kokeshi doll... I'm thinking if I name it, it may be placated. So I have named it Naoki (直樹) which means docile tree... it is made of wood and I hope it to be docile. Therefore... Naoki.

I shall keep you all updated on the kokeshi chronicles...

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