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Monday, September 14, 2009

♥ The Great Flying Gaijin

This weekend I went to Lagunasia in Gamagori, Aichi-ken... the neighboring prefecture to Shizuoka. Granted it wasn't the warmest day, but it was a lot of ridiculous fun. Sally, Sarah, and I tore that place up... especially the wave pool and crazy ass slide of death. This slide, dear jesus, every time I went down it I thought I was going to die, no lie. It was one of those "this is frekaing awesome" and "holy shit I'm doomed" sort of rides. What's most important though is the very end, there's s turn and you're already being flung up the side when you're tossed out into the pool. However, I am Kristina and I can't just come out of this slide like a normal person, oh no... I have to do a full 360 degree corkscrew mid-air 2 feet above the water before smacking into the pool backwards. Yeah, I am THAT hardcore. I think the best was the expression of this little girl and her father with their jaws dropped in shock.

Every single time I went down that slide I did some crazy flip off of it. It was fun, terrifying, and a rush, but I haven't relaly been able to move my neck since Saturday, haha. Ah well, that's what I get for being a flying specacle eh?

Also at Langunasia I got my feet eaten by fish. Yes, you read that right. The famous Dr. Fish (http://www.dr-fish.jp/). It's the little fish that eat all the dead skin cells off your feet. It was freaking bizarre man. At first it tickled a bit, but then it was just like vibrations. It definintely prooved i need to get a pumice stone, because I clearly don't exfoliate enough as I was being attacked. All the fish swarmed my feet. While it was truly bizarre, my feet are still really smooth and it was only 700 yen for a good while. I'll put up a video and pictures later, but yeah, try it if you have the guts to do it. Nice smooth feet. It's very odd to see youself being nibbled at though, I must admit.

But yeah, I was exhaustified, so I decided not ot go to costume karaoke in Kakegawa and isntead grabbed dinner in Hamamatsu and came home and promptly collapsed. Woke up yesterday morning feeling horrible and sporting an impressive set of over a dozen bug bites. Since then they've only gotten redder and bigger and now i hve a horrible headache that four aspirin has yet to take care of. Turns out the teacher who sits next to me has the flu too so I suppose i'm just waiting for that to hit. I just hope it hits now as come saturday I'm in Kyoto and Shikoku for like 10 days, haha. If I'm sick I will seriously kill someone.

Naoki, don't you dare.

I think homesickness is starting to hit me a bit. While it's nice ot have my own place, being alone all the time really sucks. I think I'm going to start demanding skype dates, even if I have to stay up late to get them. I'm just hoping Stage 2 holds off for awhile longer, I would like to enjoy Kyoto. I'm sure I will, I mean... it's Kyoto, but yeah.

I have the week off, no classes, so I'm just woring ahead on lesson plans and trying to figure out some travel plans. I need to get my Shinkansen tickets for Kyoto to Imabari when I go to visit Chen. I'm sure i can do it at Kyoto station, but I'm not so sure i want to deal with Kyoto station on my own, so I'm going to do it in Shiz. Sometime... yeah. I guess that's it... maybe? Who knows, its a mystery.

P.S. Matcha is delicious.

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