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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

♥ First Classes

Overall they went very well. I technically still have two left to do, but the grand majority are over. I can already tell the level differences between the classes, but that's okay... at least i know how to adapt lessons now and when I can speak faster and when I really need to slow down. Overall the kids seemed really interested in my presentation and what I had to say. I got over any stage fright rather quickly as soon as I realized that I had no real reason to be terrified of them. The teachers said the kids really enjoyed my lessons, so that's good, haha. It is very true that bribing Japanese students is the way to go, man... as soon as those twizzlers cam eout they were volunteering questions like CRAZY. It was hysterical actually, especially when I gave one to a teacher because she knew who Edgar Allen Poe was. I thought there was going to be a riot.

I made them try Old Bay, which was very amusing. Some really liked it and attacked it like a free-for-all hyena massacre... others screamed, covered their mouths and ran away... I dare not tell them I hate it, I have a feeling the'd pour it down my throat. But yeah, its only the intros, but I feel i'm sort of getting a hang of things? Who knows. Tomorrow is the welcome party for me thrown by the English teachers (aaaagh nervous) and then I have two classes on Friday and then LAGUNASIA... but yeah. Enkai. I'm sure it'll be fine, I just always get nervous about these things. I have no classes for two weeks though... one of them is SIlver Week granted, but still. Then I have my Shopping lessons... then maybe another? Then no classes because it is mid-terms... and then HALLOWEEN WEEK! Fuck yes. I told them I'm dressing up, it's going to be freaking awesome. I need to get mum to send me my Captain Hook outfit hardcore.

But yeah, I made a "Getting To Know You" sheet for the kids to fill out telling me about them. Here are some amusing responses I got back...

Some kid drew Doraemon's head and wrote "I am  a doreaemon I came to future" ... kid didn't write his real name down, lol...

"My favorite food is nothing." This poor child!

"My favorite band is nothing." Why do they like nothing?

What is your favorite movie? "No." I ASKED YOU A QUESTION! YOU DO NOT DENY ME!

Do you enjoy English?: "No. Because I am Japanese." ... racist.

What do you want to do when you graduate high school?
"I want to enjoy talking." Oh dear me... this does not bode well.
"I buy a computer." ... and WoW claims another soul.
"Enjoy." ... er... good?

"I don't want movie... I don't know band."  I worry about 13HR...

And my favorite... "do you have smoke cheese?"

2:46 PM

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