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Friday, August 28, 2009

♥ Skip!

I had an entry all written out, and then the internet at the school died. So I am here at Skip! Internet and Manga Cafe, and it`s rather cool! I think it is only ¥420 an hour and I get free drinks (like water and soda, not drinks...). It`s not a bad deal and I think I may come here more often now that I have a nifty member card. That was fun getting. I know most of the typical form vocab, but there was one I couldn`t get so we just skipped it haha.

Anywho, I climb Mt. Fuji tomorrow... that`ll be an experience for sure. Oh dearie me. I may regret it, or it may be the most definitive moment of my life, who knows. It`ll be an adventure and hopefully I won`t die!

Yeah so I am going to camp out here for another hour methinks and then swing by the grocery store for some schtoof for tomorrow! I`m having a little Munch-A-Thon Breakfast Style before Fuji for nearby JETs who are doing the climb. I thought it`d be fun and a few people are coming, so yay! I need more eggs and bread and cheese and yogurt... I love brekkies.

Ok, I will post the real entry on Monday provided Yaizu Chuo has their act together. Expect Fuji pics and video by then too. :) ja ne!

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