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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

♥ Hiragana

I'm slowly making progress in my Hiragana study, but dear Jesus it can get confusing. I'm more than half way through all the symbols, so mainly for my own progress, and because they look cool, I'm posting the ones I know here!

あ え い お う ん
よ や ゆ
ら ろ る り れ

ま も む み め
き け く こ か

It doesn't look like that much does it? T__T oh well. Here's the translations of the symbols anywho...

a e i o u n/m
yo ya yu
ra ro ru ri re
ma mo mu mi me
ki ke ku ko ka

Agh I suck. I mean I know how to order food and drinks, I was introduce myself very generally... I know how to count, the months, the days of the week... and some random other things, but that's it. Kerplunk. At least I'll know hiragana before I go so I can at least read/write some things... I just may not know what I'm reading/writing haha. Oh well.

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